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How we’ve helped clients with our strategic intelligence and expertise:

European Event-Driven Fund

Our client asked us to engage with the regulators of certain Asian and European countries about the chance of a specific cross-border deal being approved.

American Technology Investment Fund

Amid high tensions between America and China over the status of Taiwan, our client asked us to perform a supply chain vulnerability assessment in the semiconductor space through the lens of geopolitical and geoeconomics analysis. 

Major Australian Corporation

We provided bespoke analysis on China’s geo-strategic ambitions across a number of investment sectors in support of our client’s future Asian strategy.

European Investment Fund 


We conducted an in-depth political, business, and security risk analysis for a significant investment into the Southeast Asian telecoms market.

Asian Investment Fund


We were hired to provide an in-depth business intelligence report for a major energy investment into Indonesia.

Major Japanese Corporation

We were tasked with writing the political risk report for a multi-billion-dollar Asian energy investment into the UK.

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