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We have two core programmes:


The Evenstar Institute’s China Influence Index uses proprietary models to measure and understand the global influence of the People’s Republic of China, and its impact on the international rules based order.

We use a wide range of quantitative and qualitative indicators to capture influence in nine different domains, for example Finance, Trade, and Investment, Defence and Security, and Critical National Infrastructure. Through this, we understand and explain patterns of influence, how they evolve, and how they impact a country’s autonomy.

The influence model uses an absolute measure based on national autonomy, which allows for accurate comparisons of influence across small and large states, from Small Island Developing States to major developed nations.

For more information on the China Influence Index, and for how you can participate in the programme, please contact Sam Olsen on 



From troubling tensions between China and Taiwan, to soaring inflation in the West, to trade flow disruption accentuated by the Coronavirus pandemic and trade disputes, governments and businesses are being forced to navigate their way through complex strategic supply chain challenges.

The Evenstar Institute analyses the macro risks and challenges to global supply chains from geopolitical and geoeconomic sources, in particular those involving the People's Republic of China. By doing so, we help organisations to build their resilience and to identify opportunities linked to these changes.

For more information on our Macro Supply Chain research, and for how you can participate in the programme, please contact Nick Zambellas 

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